Monday, March 24, 2014

Paris Themed Shower

Rosie's Birthday Party

Natalie's 9th birthday was approaching. I love making my children's birthday cakes. I asked her what she wanted this year and she very decidedly gave me a list of requirements for her cake this year: "Mom, it has to have purple, it has to have roller skates, and I really want that colorful paper stuff that people throw at Mardi Gras."
Hmmmmm confetti, roller skates, and purple? Okay. No problem I got this. ;)

I made her guests some roller skate cookie favors and colored some rice paper with colored edible markers to make her some confetti. I topped the cake with a giant decorated sugar cookie. Nat had such a great time at her roller skate party!

When the party was nearing an end, we gathered around Nat and sang "Happy Birthday" to her. Then the funniest thing happened. She blew out her candle and confetti flew everywhere! We all laughed. What a great day. I love this kid.

Pink Seashell Baby Shower

Basketball Seniors

Valentine Macarons

Thank You Gifts

These were made for a cosmetic surgeon in our area. I think the staff really enjoyed them!

Snowflake Cookies

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