Saturday, July 21, 2012

Company Logo Cookies

July 2012
OLS Energy~Logo Cookies

This upcoming weekend is my husband's company BBQ. In honor of his awesome co-workers (and boss), hub asked me to make some special cookies for the big day. We decided to try and create cookies that depict his company logo shown here on their uniform shirts.
 I didn't want to use a ton of red, so we went with black and white. I wanted to try a new technique using wafer paper. I have used this method before while decorating cakes, but it was many years ago and I believe the wafer paper product has greatly improved since then. I remember needing to cover it with piping gel in the past. However, I have recently seen many various website posts about using this product without piping gel on cookies. I thought we'd give it a try! After tediously tracing each logo onto wafer paper with edible ink, I attached them to the cookies and added an icing border. We finally had a finished product! I think they turned out fabulously and I hope hub's co-workers and boss are blessed by these treats!
packaged and ready to pack!
Do you have a special logo in mind? What can I make for you? :)

Two dozen cookies boxed and ready to go!

Final Product

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