Sunday, July 15, 2012

What are you doing???

June 2012

What is Summer up to now? That is the question most of my friends and family are asking now as I continue to plaster my Facebook wall and Pinterest page with various decorated sugar cookies. Well.....let me enlighten you!
I have always enjoyed cake decorating but considered it a little bit laborious for my taste. Plus, as a perfectionist, there was always an aspect of underlying frustration when a small aspect did not turn out quite the way I desired. At the beginning of the year, our family spent three weeks in Europe visiting a friend of ours who has a successful small business decorating cakes and cookies. During that time, my love of all things sweet was ignited as I got to experience all of the amazing and delectable treats that Switzerland and France have to offer! The fruit tarts and fresh bread were especially captivating and I thought that learning to make those things was something that I really want to try. However, more exciting, was witnessing the joy and passion with which my friend conducts her business and with which she is received by her clients. As we wound our way through the vineyards above Lake Geneva, a giant cupcake cake teetered on my lap. Having watched my friend labor over this creation the night before, my stomach cramped with the thought of it toppling over onto the floorboard! Arriving safely, we took all of the cookies and treats up the stairs to a waiting family. The joy and excitement that the family displayed sealed the deal. I couldn't imagine doing something that brings so much joy and happiness to people. It was really a fun thing!
Returning home, I have been trolling professional websites, scrubbing the rust from my old cake tips, (which belonged to my great-grandmother, by the way) and using them to inundate my friends and family with decorated cookies. I really love the medium because they are tiny little canvases. Unlike cakes, the canvas becomes new and blank again every ten minutes. The best part of all is seeing people eat and enjoy these little treasures. What a fun thing this is!
As a result of all of these things, I am tentatively planning on going to school at the beginning of next year. I am hoping that my cookie sales will support me in this endeavor! I am creating this blog in order to document some of my projects and experiences.
So if you are local, get your order on! I'd love to create something special just for you. Thanks for your support!


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