Wednesday, August 8, 2012


My name is Summer, and I am addicted to Macarons....

Ever since I tasted this delicate little patties, I knew I absolutely had to figure out how to constantly replenish my own supply make them for my friends. When we were in Europe earlier this year, we saw cases and cases of colorful macarons decorating the windows of pastry shops. Now I dream about those vibrant colors and flavors. When I found a semi-local culinary school offering a Macaron series, I begged hub to let me take it. He agreed and off I went! The class was a dream and ever since this first session, I have baked dozens and dozens of these little gems. I have been using Trader Joe's Almond Meal, but next week when I get home from vacation, I will get my hands on some Almond Flour and I think their appearance will greatly improve. I can't wait for the next class in the series!
Vanilla beans make me so happy! They really stand out in this meringue.
Macarons resting

They have feet!! :)

Vanilla Macarons with Strawberry filling...Voila!

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