Saturday, October 13, 2012

Cake #3! Happy Birthday FIL

September 2012
It was my FIL's birthday and he wasn't really interested in acknowledging it, but the women in his life wouldn't allow that! So my MIL gave him a little family soiree and I got to bake the cake! I made a few cupcakes to go along with for those non-cake eaters. (Poor souls) It was a Hawaiian theme which gave me a chance to try out some gumpaste. I made some hibiscus and plumeria but finally decided on the lacy petals of the hibiscus in the end. Be kind, it was my first attempt. ;) The inside was a vanilla cake with lemon cream filling which was perfect and refreshing for the hot weather we were experiencing that week here in SoCal.
Painting my hibiscus
Hibiscus flower drying

Decisions, decisions. Hibiscus or plumeria?
Matching cupcakes with fondant toppers. These are vanilla cake with lemon cream filling as well.

Top view: two large flowers and one small
The final product
 Here's to another year on the third rock from the sun, Dad! I hope you had a fun night.

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