Saturday, February 16, 2013

Wedding Cake

February 2013
Wedding Cake

 White Almond Sour Cream cake with chocolate buttercream, raspberry, and lemon fillings. The cake is iced and piped in buttercream. I used my favorite WASC recipe for this cake and I think it was delish!
Cute cake topper the couple picked out
Of course, making the cake was a ton of fun, but delivering a wedding cake is another animal. As soon as it was secured in the back of my car, I began to get very nervous! The entire drive I kept one eye on my precious cargo!
I used the SPS Cake System in this cake (first time, I usually use dowels and cake boards) and I am really happy with the results. Even though it was a relatively small cake, I was worried because of the distance it had to travel. The cake rested in the sloped driveway for several minutes before I left and underwent bumpy freeway vibrations and a couple U-turns with no shifting or settling. I will use this system for large cakes in the future for sure.

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