Friday, July 5, 2013

Alice Medrich in my kitchen

I have a crush--a food crush that is. Her name is Alice and she rocks chocolate. When I found out Alice Medrich has a class on Craftsy I went gaga. I loved watching this class! It is the first Craftsy class I ever took and was a little suspicious of it at first, but I have to say the Craftsy platform is really cool. I love that I can watch the class in segments that fit into my schedule, and the ability to rewind and pause makes me feel like Alice is right in my kitchen with me! It was a day of firsts as this was the first time I tempered chocolate as well.
The cake is Flo Braker's Devil's Food cake with a whipped chocolate ganache filling, a chocolate glaze, and tempered chocolate fans glued to the side. I used a 65%-my favorite.
I am so surprised that I was able to pull off this cake on the first try. My mother LOVES chocolate (so that's where I got it!) so I made it for her birthday party. And because I am the way I am, I didn't do a test run, nor did I have a backup plan. (EEK) However, things turned out perfectly. The cake looked gorgeous and tasted even better. Success!
Happy Birthday, Mom!
Here are some glimpses into the process:

PS~ My mom loved it and had a lovely birthday party. Thanks, Alice!

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