Friday, July 5, 2013

"Artsy" Birthday Cookies

"Artsy" Birthday Cookies & Cake

A dear friend of mine was having a special birthday and a mutual friend decided to throw her a party. I was thrilled to be able to volunteer my services and create some fun cookies and a cake.
The birthday girl has a beautiful soul: she is a tender friend, caring and compassionate. She is also very artsy and creative so I was feeling a  lot of pressure to create something gorgeous for her! My salvation came in the form of the Evite that was chosen for the party. When I saw this baby I knew exactly what her cookies would look like. The design fit my friend to a 'T'.
Evite for the party ~ Inspiration
I sketched a sample and got started!
I love how this batch turned out. I feel like they fit Denise perfectly: classy, pretty, artsy, fun. The cookie design turned out very busy so I wanted to keep the cake simple. I made a three layer Devil's Food cake with almond meringue buttercream. I added a gum paste fantasy flower to the top and a shimmery bead border to the bottom.

Happy Birthday, Denise and thanks for being such a great friend. You inspire me in so many ways! xo

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